One day, our Compliance Lawyer got sick of lining up for his foreign currency during his lunchbreak in Central. He thought, there HAS to be a better way to do this. From there, W Global Assets was born. #truestory

Life is hard, when you need to spend:

5 minutes at the ATM

Book your foreign currency

More than 30 minutes at the money changer

10 minutes back to the office

No more time for lunch. You go hungry.

Why make life so hard? 


Having problems trusting us?


We are Hong Kong’s first online money-changer after all. That’s why we want to provide all the assurance you need.

The first thing we’d like you to know is that customers do not bear any risk of delivery. W Global Assets are fully responsible for getting the currencies to your doorstep.

1.Bank-level Security

Our platform is secured by 256bit SSL.

2. Regulated by Customs and Exise Department (license pending)

We hold a money changer and remittance license, issued by the Hong Kong Customs & Exise Department, licence number 18-04-02403

3. Segregation of Funds

We ensure that your funds are completely segregated from our business funds, and will only be used to complete your order.